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LPAZ Forum 2023



The papers presented at the LPAZ Forum 2023 will be published through BRUMA Publications and the next edition is already scheduled: September 5th to 7th, 2024.


The fourth edition of the LPAZ Forum came to its closure on September 9th, 2023, after three days of intense and stimulating work and reflections around the theme “The Azores, the Atlantic and Global Challenges”. Promoted by the LPAZ Association, in collaboration with academic partners and the support of various government institutions and the business sector, this conference brought together, between the 7th and the 9th of September, more than two dozen experts from the four corners of the Atlantic, selected through a Call for Papers. The three-day program included an opening round table discussion, five thematic panels and a Strategic Roadmap through the island of Santa Maria.


On the September 7th, the LPAZ Forum opened with a round table on “NATO-EU Relations: A New Atlantic Century?”, with Alana Moceri, from IE University (Madrid), Ana Isabel Xavier from CEI-Iscte, and Licínia Simão from the University of Coimbra, moderated by Luís Nuno Rodrigues, Full Professor at ISCTE, debating the current relationship between these two institutions in the face of the war in Ukraine.


September 8th was reserved for an academic colloquium divided into five panels on “Island Narratives,” “Atlantic Diasporas”, “The Azores in Atlantic Politics”, “Atlantic Geopolitics”, and “Atlantic Security and Technology”. Several papers were presented on a wide range of topics, from the study of climate change based on maritime navigation logbooks from the period 1750-1950, by Timothy Walker (University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth) to the activism of the Azorean diaspora in the United States during the April 25 Revolution in Portugal, by Daniela Melo (Boston University), the European Union’s strategies for the outermost regions and the specific case of the Azores, by Nuno Lopes (IPRI-NOVA, CEHu-Univ. Açores and OP-ISCSP ULisboa), an analysis of Portugal’s maritime power, by Sandra Balão (CIDIUM-IUM and CAPP-ISCSP ULisboa), or even the implementation of high technology in the Azores, by Paulo Quental (EMA Espaço).


The LPAZ 2023 Forum ended on September 9th with the Santa Maria Strategic Roadmap, which took the registered participants on a tour of the island’s main geostrategic infrastructures, past and present, namely the RAEGE Station, Pico Alto, the Property of Public Interest “Lugar do Aeroporto,” and the Santa Maria Oceanic Control Center. This Roadmap also covered infrastructures that have since been decommissioned, such as the Underwater Acoustics Polygon, the LORAN Station, as well as those that are still in the pipeline, such as PT Space’s Aerospace Technology Center or the Space Port, or the ongoing extension of the Santa Maria Teleport. This Roadmap was thus an opportunity for specialists in the various sectoral areas of Atlantic geopolitics to understand in loco the dynamics of the Azores’ role in supporting transport technologies, communications, knowledge, and the Atlantic domain over time in a stimulating exchange of experiences and perspectives.


One of the major results of this year’s LPAZ Forum is the publication of the papers presented at the academic colloquium through BRUMA Publications from PBBI at California State University, Fresno. This publishing project has been working with the editor Letras Lavadas, based in the Azores. With this publication, we will bring together the community from the Pacific to Europe, with the Azores at the center, to reflect on contemporary issues of interest to the entire Atlantic basin. This proposal was put forward by Diniz Borges, who took part in the “Atlantic Diasporas” panel and saw the conference as an opportunity to launch “a new dialogue between the Diaspora and the Azores.”


With this fourth edition, the LPAZ Forum has established itself as a bottom-up initiative in which the community takes the initiative to mobilize academia, industry, and government institutions in the debate to gain knowledge and awareness of the significant dynamics affecting the whole and every part of the Atlantic.


The LPAZ Forum has been organized since 2015, initially on a biennial basis, and since 2022, on an annual basis. In this 2023 edition, the partners were the Center for International Studies of Iscte-IUL (CEI-Iscte), the Center for Humanistic Studies of the University of the Azores (CEHu), the Atlantic Centre, and the Transatlantic Studies Association. The Strategic Roadmap was specially enabled by RAEGE-AZ, EMA-Espaço, and NAV Portugal. The Regional Government of the Azores, the Municipality of Vila do Porto, and the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) supported this initiative.


All the public sessions of the “LPAZ Forum – The Azores, the Atlantic, and Global Challenges,” as well as the media coverage, are available at


The 5th edition of the LPAZ Forum will be hosted in Santa Maria Island from September 5th to 7th, 2024.

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Direct contact:

António Monteiro – +351 963 290 062




Álvaro Antunes, LPAZ

Ana Mónica Fonseca, CEI-Iscte

António Monteiro, CEI-Iscte; LPAZ

Berta Pimentel, CEHu – Universidade dos Açores

João Bairos, LPAZ

Licínia Simão, Universidade de Coimbra

Luís Costa Cabral, Atlantic Centre

Luís Nuno Rodrigues, CEI-Iscte

Mário Viana, CEHu - Universidade dos Açores

Ricardo Batista, LPAZ

Thomas Mills, Lancaster University; Transatlantic Studies Association





Alexandre Moreli, IRI, Universidade de São Paulo

Ana Mónica Fonseca, CEI-Iscte

António Monteiro, LPAZ e CEI-Iscte

Berta Pimentel, CEHu – Universidade dos Açores

Carlos Amaral, CEHu – Universidade dos Açores

Dominique Faria, Universidade dos Açores

Giuseppe Formato, CIES-Iscte

Godfrey Baldacchino, L-Università ta' Malta

Gui Menezes, Okeanos, Universidade Açores

Licínia Simão, University of Coimbra

Luís Andrade, CEHu – Universidade dos Açores

Luís Nuno Rodrigues, CEI-Iscte

Onésimo Teotónio Almeida, Brown University

Patrícia Daehnhardt, IPRI-Nova e IDN

Thomas Mills, Lancaster University; Transatlantic Studies Association

Call for Pappers


The conquest of the Atlantic has shaped the world and the Western Civilization, and the Archipelago of the Azores has played a relevant role on the knowledge, transport, communication, and control within this ocean. These islands, which have been called “the wheel of the Atlantic”, on the maritime navigation era, and “Crossroads of the Atlantic”, on the aviation age, have a privileged perspective on the changes that shaped the world and the Western Civilization. With the emergence of New Space, the extension of the Continental Shelf processes and the search for resources and solutions for the sustainability of the Anthropocene, the Atlantic opens to new frontiers and the Azores are again called upon to play a significant role on this new chapter on the evolution and perceptions across the Atlantic.


To discuss the challenges and opportunities for the Azores and the Atlantic community from a transdisciplinary approach, the LPAZ Association, in collaboration with the Center for International Studies of Iscte-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (CEI-Iscte), the Center for Humanistic Studies of the University of the Azores (CEHu), the Atlantic Centre, and the Transatlantic Studies Association, is organizing the “LPAZ Forum – The Azores, the Atlantic, and the Global Challenges” on Santa Maria Island – Azores, Portugal, on September 7th – 9th, 2023. This conference is the fourth edition of the LPAZ Forum, following up on the meetings of 2015, 2017 and 2022, and has the support of the Regional Government of the Azores, Vila do Porto’s Municipality and Portuguese Ministry of National Defense.


The 2023 edition of the LPAZ Forum is bridging and bringing together researchers with different backgrounds. The purpose of this Forum is to debate the past, present, and future role of the Azores and the Atlantic in addressing the global challenges of our time. We are interested in discussing the importance of building and maintaining Atlantic communities, the impact of environmental and climate change on the interactions within the Atlantic basin, the perceived geopolitical shifts impacting in this broad region, including in the Medium and South Atlantic, the security challenges communities are facing in the current context, and the opportunities for cooperation and economic prosperity, among other topics.




Conference Topics


  1. The Azores and Atlantic geopolitics;

  2. Atlantic Kinetics: transport, communications and connectivity;

  3. Aviation – the impact on time and space [in memory of Alan Dobson];

  4. Atlantic diasporas;

  5. Environment and climate change;

  6. Atlantic Literature;

  7. History of Science in the Atlantic;

  8. Island Studies, Island narratives;

  9. Atlantic Politics, State, Autonomy and Integration.



Individual paper proposals should be sent by email as one document attachment to and include:


  • 300-word abstract for the paper;

  • 100-word author biography;

  • 2-page CV.




Deadline [Extended]: April 15th, 2023.

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